So, my question is: So, I installed Leopard today. Posted November 3, I can change the resolution by editing darwin bootloader parameter that is explained above. However, Spore on its lowest settings is choppy, Company of Heroes on its lowest settings is unbearably choppy and realistically unplayable, World of Warcraft is choppy and almost unplayable, Command of Conquer Generals on its lowest setting is fine. I hope this could help.

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Hackintosh laptop running Yosemite 10.10.1 w/ X3100 graphics

Oso Grande Oso Grande. Posted September 8, Posted October 2, You can get away with some pretty dated games that have low requirements I have two MacBooks Thanks ijtel lot to you and your friend!

My friend has the newst Macbook pro and it handels graphics beautifully.

Posted December 4, I’ll compare my computer with yours once more. All kext’s back replacement from original Posted May 26, Now, I’m well aware that the GMA x is not for people who want to play games even low endbut I find it hard to believe that Apple would sell a system that doesn’t even support macc basic UI functions, maf were already present in Tiger as well.


Browse Search Lookup App. I’ve yet to see any “choppy” animations–unless of course I’m running too many applications for my RAM to handle.

Attached is the framebuffer kext that cured things for me. But for e-mail, web-surfing, productivity software, iLife etc.

I only use iMovie and iDVD about twice a year for a week or two, but still, I’d like everything to work. Works great, except the resolution. So this fix does not impact my problem Then things get a bit dicey. It’s inte, cheap, however, and would in fact cost me just as much as a new white 2.

If this works please post so I know it does.

Hackintosh laptop running Yosemite w/ X graphics | MacRumors Forums

I’ve tried using SwitchRes X to no use. So, I’m at a loss.

Only x 60hz the refresh rate is killing my eyes! Vma in Already have an account? Did you find any solution? Actually, iMovie is about as high-end as I’ll be using.


IntelĀ® Graphics Drivers for Mac*

So basically, I am not a fan of the x Posted May 27, Those with more demanding needs would be better served by a MacBook Pro. I’m hoping this is in fact a DSDT fixable issue. Unsurprisingly, given the lackluster performance of the GMAvarious reviewers attacked the “latest 3D games” marketing copy as a tad optimistic.

Also, I don’t want an external monitor to gna graphics performance either nothing spectacular, 20 inch intell Posted October 26, So that was a pleasant surprise.