This is used to print a special logo but not have it take up flash memory. DIP switch 1 must be Off to return the printer to the on-line mode. The printer never goes directly from the download mode to normal printer operation. Any print command is required to print the line, after which the printer returns to normal processing mode. Firmware Download Sequence By providing a set of low-level commands, great freedom of implementation is given to customer application to customize the sequence to match its specific requirements. Page 55 Switch 5, 6 Note: Do not set DIP switch 1 to On.

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Each character is downloaded as rasters, from top to bottom, and for each raster, from leftmost byte to righmost byte.

Contact your authorized service representative. The command is valid only at the beginning of a line.

Axiohm 7193 Owner’s Manual

ACK hexadecimal apis Sent when the printer has received a host transmission and has completed the request successfully. Great Britain cables x12 Lot of: However, the setting of the last received command is effective.

It remains in effect until the printer is reset or until a Clear Printer 10 or Rotated Print 1B 12 command is received. VIC Box Hill This sequence is ignored except when the printer is busy due to an error condition.


An adjustment should only be made when necessary. Batch or realtime data transfer. Ordering Cash Drawers The following cash drawers may be used with the printer: Print Characteristics Commands Prints apks characters. These three situations generally preclude use of standard DOS drivers for the serial communication ports when using real time commands. Recovers from a fault after clearing the receive and print buffers. This is an 8 digit number fixed by Axiohm.

Axiohm IT Hardware Parts Supplier

An existing double byte font needs to be deleted prior to downloading a new double byte font. This book is intended as a general guide for operators and supervisors who need to know how to set up and use the printer. Offering Opticons high performance 2D CMOS Imager along with a well thought out ergonomic design, which allows the scanner being used in In page mode the horizontal or vertical motion unit differs and depends on the starting position of the printable area.

The flash memory page must be erased by an application before redefining user-defined characters.

Axiohm Transaction Solutions Windows Driver Downloads

Open the cover and check there is no paper jam, if there is some: Axioh, Yes with a long click, No with a short click. HT has no effect in Page Mode.


If it does, it also returns the list of available font Ids single byte, double byte that can be used to download a font.

Other suppliers may use a different number. Also available with mounting options for Posiflex Touch Important While erasing flash memory, all communication is disabled. Page 4 This book is intended as a general guide for operators and supervisors who need to know how to set up and use the printer. Only the main steps are mentioned. Page 69 Single- or Double-Density graphics.


There are two codes for this command. If the Flash if found corrupted during Level 0 diagnostics the download mode is automatically entered after the printer has reset.

The printer is reset to singlewide mode after a line has been printed or the Clear Printer 10 command is received. Multilingual with Euro 211 accurate than any other.