The Soul Tornado” ” Kakusei: After which, Daiki and the otherworlders leave the Sentai world. Goro transforms into Kamen Rider G to take on the Worms, defeating them all save for Phylloxera who is much too strong for him. Sign In Don’t have an account? Kamen Rider Amazons With this revelation, Daiki learned Fourteen was the true villain, and lost his self-confidence, and set out to correct his mistakes.

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In an interview in the March issue of Kindai Magazine, Masahiro Inoue stated that Decade was slated as having only 30 episodes.

Hanuman and the Five Riders.

The October issue of TV-Kun also makes reference to this movie, stating that “All of the mysteries [about Decade ] will be answered by the movie coming out in December!! Nanashi Company – Susukodama – Nosakamata.

The titular character’s transformation requires a bottle of wine to be inserted into a transformation belt that acts as a wine openerand he is armed with riedr sword that resembles a corkscrew as well as a sommelier knife. As his past shows, DiEnd hates those who take freedom from others, as Fourteen did with his world, and he will not hesitate to kill anyone who robs people of their freedom.

However, Kamen Kamenn Kuuga survived the initial battle, assuming Ultimate Form to confront Decade once again with the two seemingly destroying each other in the ensuing battle. The Soul Tornado” ” Kakusei: Junichi proclaimed he would become the next Fourteen and left, proclaiming that his brother was dead to him.


Kamen Rider Diend

Joe and Kaito fight the two before they are seemingly killed. Retrieved from ” http: He travels from world to world stealing what he refers to as “treasures” including Shinken Gold ‘s Ika Origami.

Ganbaridewith Kamen Riders Decade and Diend using cards resembling those used in the game to transform and access various weapons. Kamen Rider Decade Title Screen. However, Junichi, as Glaive, attacked DiEnd, revealing he never was brainwashed and served Fourteen willingly.

Kamen Riders All Together!! The first episode was published in Hobby JapanJune Riedr is considered the rival of Kamen Rider Decadesupported by their many battles against each other. Arriving in the era of the Gorengers, the four are able to recruit Akaranger, who, in turn, leads the remaining Super Sentai against Kamen Rider Ichigo and the remaining Heisei-era Riders.

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Daiki Kaito

Decade and DiEnd then teamed up and used Kaito as bait to lure Fourteen out, and then ambushed him, with Decade managing to land a fatal blow on Fourteen, ending his reign of terror and freeing everyone from being brainwashed. As Diend, Daiki attacks Genta with ‘seafood’ style Riders as Genta battles in his own sushi-chef manner.

The events of the movie take place between episodes 29 and For the World of Amazon story arc, the episode title had a reference from Kamen Rider Amazon episode 3. Articles containing Japanese-language text Webarchive template wayback links Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. He also has a small soft spot for children, often acting as a big brother to children in need, although he denies having such friendships with children.


He tends not to help people unless it serves his own interests, and will not hesitate to hurt anyone who gets in the way of said interests, even if they are weak or innocent.

Contents [ show ]. Spiriting the two of them to Final Crisis, they’re confronted by Tsukasa, who attempts to persuade him into joining Dai-Shocker.

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Kamen Rider Taisen feat. The series’ English dub aired on October 20,5: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Daiki makes it to the Shinkenger world first and manages to steal Genta Umemori ‘s Ika Origamiconsidering it the that world’s treasure. Kazutoshi Yokoyama and Eitokutwo suit actors commonly used by the Kamen Rider production team portrayed security guards in the TV Asahi building.

After which, Daiki and the otherworlders leave the Sentai world. Inspiration for this series was very likely to have been the fact that Toei had successfully ensured that the Kamen Rider series lasted a whole decade without the show going into a period of hiatus which had always occurred since the franchise began in the s.