But does it make sense to buy electronic equipment that was built in that’s 13 years ago! I don’t really want to go buy a scanner without some input from you good folks who may be willing to help me in this question. I’d read that Ratoc converters were touchy and sometimes had to be re-connected. Which format are you using? The question for any of these used items is their longevity as breakdowns would be costly and probably cost prohibitive to repair. Thanks for your advice.

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It is far superior to my Epson V All times are GMT Is it too late to write something about this subject? I’ve been getting my film scanned with a lab, and finally decided I would start scanning since its costing me a fortune to get it done at the lab.

Have a look at the results: Have you ever scanner color negs with it? Just looking very quickly at the available material, the scanner does work with Vista via the latest software which is aparently available as a download.


Imacon Flextight Precision II — still worth buying today?

SCSI to firewire, and then firewire to Thunderbolt adapters. Owning both scanners, I thought I would made a comparisation. Sign in Already have an account? In fact, I just flextighh an older tower for a friend for his 3d rendering needs.

Imacon Flextight Precision II Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

There is a huge learning curve to them Rondal. Plus, I like my older wooden camera and old lenses.

I will pay attention to it. This is my first scanner. I’m fkextight there’s a person or two on Photo. I also like the old look of film and think that digital files from a DSLR are too perfect sharp etc – I’m not a sharpness freak. But I always just set Levels to get full tonal range and did everything else in PS.

Just bought an Imacon flextight precision ii – What else do I need? Simply put, the scans should be good enough to publish in a coffee table book. I sold my high-end backlit Epson a few years ago. Possibly not, but if the scanner ever does need attention or routine maintenance, then it won’t hurt the OP to know who to ask if there is nothing available locally. A good scanning software like Silverfast or Vuescan can be very helpful. Sign up for a new account in our community.


The scanner uses an adaptive light source that scans even the least visible originals easily with optimized image density. This professional scanner features an optical resolution from 72 to dpi for superior image quality.

If one is willing to do this drive servicing oneself, all the necessary information is available on the Flextight Scanner Group.

Hello, I’m located in Spain and i need to buy new lamps for my Imacon. The later Imacon-Hasselblad are much much better in that.

Film is ilford delta I would like to use it with my mac pro. You can wait until next month and see if the new Plustek OpticFilm lives up to its hype.

For slides it’s an acceptable scanner, I agree.