Perhaps the problem was a faulty flat flex cable preventing communication between the SpectroLino and the main processor. After testing the cables, the good news was that each circuit on both cables tested good for continuity. Rotated X, B Targets. The remaining pins tested good, so pin 7 was looking like the obvious cause of the malfunction. Custom iSis charts with barcodes. Suspecting corrosion as the cause, I doused the board with DeoxIT and scrubbed it clean.

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FS: Gretag-Macbeth SpectroScan X/Y Table with Spectrolino | Photography Forums

Does this advertisement violate the rules of our marketplace, in your opinion? I had gotten to a point where there was nothing else I could do to solve the problem, and I felt that I needed to get the device repaired.

The diagram below from the User Guide shows the setup. Buyer complaints can lead to the withdrawal of the seal. Specrroscan of the telephone accessibility the main phone number.

Your contact is typing.

I solved the problem! Search Place ad Log in. See Details on eBay Watch Contact.



It worked, and I was able to successfully reset the SpectroLino, connect with MeasureTool, and take a spot reading. I also thought about the original error code: If payment has not been received within 7 days of auction closure, a dispute will be filed and the item will be relisted. How does it work?

There is a total of three, one for each motor. For monitor measurements, attach the Spectrolino directly to the screen using the suction cup supplied for this purpose. The spectrophotometer can be easily mounted on the movable arm of the table so that the originals can be scanned in with dot accuracy. Phoenix, ArizonaShips to: Please consult our Privacy Policy.

From this observation, I concluded that the main processor must be working as well as the stepper motor controller chips. Anyway, with my SpectroScan, the power supply wiring harness had seven wires: Therefore, I took the following steps to troubleshoot my problem:. GretagMacbeth, however, no longer provided support. There is a front rail and a back rail under this cover. Please correct your entries in the highlighted boxes.

Want to really stop the chat history? Three levels of Viewing and Access.


Color eXchange File format. Perhaps the problem was a faulty flat flex cable preventing communication between the SpectroLino and the main processor.

Spectrolino Product Support

This may result in a very large number of offers! He did say, however, that he would contact a colleague in specyroscan UK that may be of help. Let me describe the issue in more detail.

Although it referenced an older version of each, I assumed some of the information must still apply. Tried multiple USB ports.

Show phone gretagmcbeth Phone:. If you receive a package that appears punctured or damaged we encourage the buyer to refuse the shipment, if the shipment is not refused and item is damaged on arrival the buyer is required to hold the item for an insurance claim to effectively be processed. On rare occasions, damages may occur while in transit.