End users must follow the specific operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure compliance. Click the [Close] button to leave. Connecting to the Internet. Please wait while U is in stalled and ready to use. Mobile Broadband modem U During an active connection,. Franklin Wireless th e company warrants to the original r etail purchaser of thi s device, that should pr oduct or.

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Connect the eq uipment into an outlet of a circuit different from that to w hich the receiver is con nected. The U utilizes po wer manageme nt and system o verhead. The data wirfless can go to dorma nt mode if you are not sending or receiving an y data.

Reorient or relocate the receiving ante nna. The following it ems are included in the product package. The standard incorporat es a substantial margin o f safety to give additiona l.


Installation is now complete. T o choose the application from your. Right clicking on the tr ay icon provides vari ous options and double clicking on it will. SAR info rmat ion on this model modem is on. Access Manager starts automati call y when Windows starts. Although the SAR i s. If any tranklin vice. Prod uct Package C ontents. Fea t y310 es Additional F e atures Please refer to the Inline.

Displays copyright and U device information. This extens ion cable may be used to incre ase RF. The Re ad Me file appears. Setup Program for Windows. Select this option to check for the av ailable latest software.

Franklin Technology U USB Modem User Manual FTI U User manual

It is designed and manufactu red not to exceed the. Display splash window when U Access Manager. T o obtain repair s or replacement.

Using the USB Ex te nsion ca bl e Absorption Rate, or SA R. If this equipment does cause h armful interference to r adio or television r eception. Re commended System R equirements In general, the clo ser you are to a wireless base s tation. Y ou can change language setting franklim English and Spanish.


F or more information on this status. During an active connection.

Franklin Technology U310 USB Modem User Manual FTI U310 User manual 20101108

Sparks i n such areas could cauls e an explosion o r fire resulting in bodily injury or. Befor e getting started, you should become famili ar with the. This feature allows U Access Manager softwa re to check for softw are updates and it. Placing your mouse point er on it will display the curren t.