Can I get the club’s serial number? Our listing agents take great care in accurately describing each item. The photo above represents only the brand and model of the product. Due to the nature of eBay auctions, purchased items that are listed correctly and delivered in due time cannot be exchanged. Why doesn’t my used item come with a tool or head cover? Our customer service staff is unable to inspect items for sale. In this case a re-listing fee is applicable.

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Left Handed Taylormade Golf Clubs M1 * Driver Regular Very Good | eBay

So they are pretty much like a brand new set from a golf store? These are not seconds or factory blems, these are original first run items. Please allow up to 24 hours for a personal response. These are separate checkout systems which are not integrated. Please note that all shipments outside the United States are subject to inspection by customs and border security authorities.

These fees vary by country. GlobalGolf is the largest seller of used golf clubs on the Internet.

Taylormade “ARP” stamp

Please log in to reply. Is this the actual product photo?

There is an extremely small “ARP” stamp next to the serial number on the hosel of the seven iron. Please consult your local customs office for more details. This is done automatically at checkout if you do not complete checkout before you have won all of your items. If these shipments are not delivered within 75 days or more, a claim can doea submitted with the US Postal Service. Unfortunately we do not receive the tool or head covers with most of our pre-owned inventory.


All items must be paid within 3 days. If you received a damaged item or taaylormade any other issues, please contact customer service via email here as soon as possible and we will work with you doew resolve the situation. The refund will be issued on the product price and applicable sales tax only.

GlobalGolf ships to over countries via FedEx. No refunds will be issued by GlobalGolf for abandoned packages and GlobalGolf will not accept the return of the product. All shipments outside the United States must include a commercial invoice.

These fees mmean prepaid by our carrier upon clearing customs and the customer must reimburse our carrier when the men is delivered. When possible, we ship our packages from the closest warehouse location. This requires business days from the date that checkout is completed. Original shipping is not refundable.

If you are shipping multiple items to one address, please do not complete checkout until you have added your last item to the cart. All items with the exception of Military shipments are shipped via FedEx. GlobalGolf is the largest seller of used golf clubs on the Internet. I wonder what it means when it is stamped on their newest gear?


Please address returns to: Just reading up on it and it looks like it’s just cosmetic issues where a retailer determines it can’t sell it “as new” thanks!. You can review our shipping rates to the US, Canada, and other countries as well as expected days in transit on our domestic or international shipping tab.

Can you end an auction and sell the item directly to tay,ormade

The customer may not want either of the previous tayormade. If you have any other questions, please contact customer service customer service via email here as soon as possible and we will answer your questions. Please include your eBay auction number or GlobalGolf order number.