It is definitely an excellent pairing with the Stratocaster, makes it really chunky and ballsy. I have everything except the Colorsound. Super Plushy Bros Inc. I’m pulling my hair out on this one. Can you post the voltage of. This might be what you’re looking for in a cloned version.

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There’s a serious drop in gain once you start turning it down. If the Power Boost and Overdriver are the same? Its an easy one if you still have the overdrivr made up. Also, the BC transistors used for Q1 and 2 will probably be pretty difficult to source, so socket and try out some alternatives 2N, 2N, etc. Also, the Bass and Treble controls don’t seem to have any effect. Comparatively to a boss blues driver or a tubescreamer?

Let’s hear it for mojo.

Lots of schematics available, I used this one: DGrigNov 8, RD Custom Work May 4, at Buffalo-FX Powerbooster would be my go-to. The problem is that connections in a schematic are usually shown with dots between components if lines goes through each other rather than have a hump showing they’re not connected.


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Nov 8, I’m building a Pink Floyd rig in my 11×22 practice room. Yes, my password is: SacrificeNov 8, Colorsound Overdriver Posted Sat, I assume the tiny minus signs you can barely see on the electrolytic capacitors designate the negative side.

All the tone, none of the headaches. For now let’s assume an 18 volt pedal is a “go”. It’s my take for the Colorsound Overdriver with Madbean’s board Gorgeous layout I wanted to populate with lots of Mojo: Nov 8, 7. Scott57Nov 8, But in a practice room. I’m not an electrical voerdriver by any stretch of the imagination, just a DIY’er who likes drawing layouts.

I found some other schematics that cleared that up for me. Follow the link below.

CherryBomb Colorsound Overdriver

Home Forums Recent Posts. I made the Overdrive over a year or so ago and its still on my board. These can be omitted but I suggest you don’t. Unfortunately, I already build the incorrect version that didn’t work. The Overdrivver is the same thing as the original Powerboost?


Colorsound Overdriver

Timidater 13 January at I haven’t tried to build this. I can’t find anything, so I’m guessing the layout could still be incorrect.

It took more than twenty years, but in a reissue Overdriver was created that incorporated a volume pot on the output. Newer Post Older Post Home.