Connecting Two Monitors Connecting Two Monitors If you purchased a video card that supports dual monitors, follow the instructions in this section to connect and enable your monitors. I have been downloading the driver onto my Mac, then putting them on a flash drive and installing them on the Dell. The time now is Page 91 If you need a filler bracket, contact Dell. Dell Technical Support Policy u. See the wireless mouse documentation for more information. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Hi, thanks for ur reply.

From what I can tell I need this: The Dell Support website provides several online tools, including: Therefore, do not reinstall Windows XP unless instructed to do so by a Dell technical support representative. They self extract into their own folders.

Using System Restore The Microsoft to allow you to return your computer to an earlier operating state without affecting data files if changes to the hardware, software, or other system settings have left the computer in an undesirable operating state. What if I purchased a service contract?

The options can overwrite files and possibly affect programs installed on your hard drive. I do not know which driver to download, there are a number of Ethernet ones and I see none for the Multimedia Adapter.

Setting Up a Printer See the documentation that came with the printer for setup information, including how to: The time required to delo the setup depends on the size of the hard drive and the speed of your computer.


Could that be the problem?

Page Power DC power supply: Any help would be appreciated Thankyou Danny. Dell Technical Support Policy U.

Need Ethernet driver on Dell Dimension 4550 – HELP!

Still no internet connection. To determine which warranty you purchased, see the invoice that accompanied your hardware product s. If you are reinstalling Windows XP Professional, you etherne be prompted to provide further network information regarding your network configuration, such as the domain name or workgroup name. See memory regulatory information, reinstalling drivers, 66, 70 Windows XP70 ResourceCD, 66 Dell Diagnostics, 62 returning items, safety instructions, 9 scanner fixing problems, 54 screen.

[SOLVED] Need to download driver for Dell Dimension Ethernet adapter – Tech Support Forum

Card Installation A d d i n wthernet Par ts To add or replace the card, gently press it down into the slot connector until it clicks into place.

Hyper-threading You can enable or disable Hyper-Threading through the system setup program. Page What if I purchased an on-site service contract? Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions on page 9.

The following sections describe the limited warranties and return dimensin for the U. I have uninstalled them at this point.


Anyways, I disconnected the adapter and plugged in the Ethernet and that just made matters worse because now Windows couldn’t connect to anything at all since the Ethernet NIC lacks a driver.

Just been looking through the speccy report and etthernet is missing quite a dimensiion things Did you see that I edited my last post? Computer powers off in sleep mode I have still been unable to get onto a PC, so I willing try to do that soon. Page I n d e x Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, 25 finding information, 15 finding solutions, 36 fixing problems battery, 38 Dell Diagnostics, 62 drive, 39 e-mail, 42 floppy drive, 39 general, 45 Internet connection, 42 keyboard, 48 modem, We are not responsible for lost or corrupted data.

Page 98 A d d i n g Par ts Remove the first ximension drive from the upper bay and install it in the lower bay: If you run a test from the Custom Test or Symptom Tree option, click the applicable tab described in the following table for more information.

You must ship the products to Dell within five days of the date that Dell issues the Credit Return Authorization Number.