HiSax is a work in progress and may crash your machine. Please leave it as default blank if it is not available in your ISDN service list. To install a printer on your network using D-Link Print Server or DI-series router with built-in print server you do not need to More information. You can get the detailed product information from the manual at the appropriate subdirectory of the CD-ROM diskette. If not, please install the RAS.

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Instead of a dummy value, the parameter.

ISDN Modem

No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted More information. Use the phone cord included to connect to the phone jack. Move the cursor to this icon and click the right button, you have 4 items in the selection list, Configuration, Line test, Log, and Exit.

You can download this update free of charge. If you want to execute the modem applications, eg. Please refer it for more information. Installing efax after downloading from the internet Introduction Before you begin Before you begin installing efax, please check the following: If asusccom local ISDN line provider does not provide this service, please leave it as Firma Traverse Technologie Australia.


If I forgot somebody, please.

This ISDN driver will start automatically without reboot. EXE in the Windows, then directly jump to the application environment setup section. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful.

WinGate Internet Gateway and. Then when you make a call through this port, this number will be sent to ISDN phone company for the bill. It will clear ISDN information away totally.

Please click Next, check Search for the best driver for your device and Next. Linux bootable partition config begins.

EXE in our installation driver. The firmware is downloaded with the hisaxctrl tool: Reboot the windows to take effect. Prepare Your Work Computer According to the type of card you have to specify the necessary.

IsdnHowto/HardwareSupport – Community Help Wiki

Please make sure your ISDN card type and select the right card type in above figure. It may provide this service or not. It is included in the normal “make [menu]config” target at the.


Select Automatic for Switch protocol, click Next.

Attention you must not set an outgoing number!!! In the current version of HiSax, you can isdn,ink simply use. To configure the driver and setup application are the same as in above installation for Windows 95 environment section.

Asuscom TA-280ST

Don’t forget it, especially to select the right D-channel protocol. Because of some obscure problems with some switch equipment, the delay.

All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. This is the case when there is. Please leave it as default blank if it is not available in your ISDN service list.