Jan 3, Posts: This is what you can do to improve your system and make it fit for the future: I just found out, you already solved a very similar problem here https: Three Windows installs in less than 48 hours and four in less than three weeks in the same computer just drove me a little wild. What could be causing this? Are you sure it’s the Intel controller giving you grief?

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Feb 1, at Take the Intel RST driver v Feb 2, asuw 7: Man, this is giving me a headache already What should be a simple thing to explain now is made impossible. Last edited by wazoo99; at It is good to know the Matrix Storage drivers take care of the write back cache.

Forum – P5B Deluxe (ICH8R) – what RST driver to use?

Please enter a reason for warning. Again, why is that, since the drivers are installed?

Just to make deluxw we are on the same wavelength here: Btw i have also tried connecting to both the black and red SATA connectors on the board – but no difference.


Thank you for your time and help.

P5B Deluxe and HD in AHCI mode | Motherboard Forums

Skill Memory Products G. The BIOS is the latestif memory serves me right.

I’ve got everything I need installed except for games, that is No, create an account now. Skill Information and Support G. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: I don’t need any advanced features, no safe removal icon in the system, just the Control panel would be nice to know it RAID works fine asu is broken via systray icon and that’s it.

Wasn’t following so don’t know what sounded weird: I emailed Asus, made topic upon topic about not having hotswap with AHCI and noone from Asus nor here knew the answer so my guess is you won’t find it here either, no correction its not a guess its a certainty. Maybe because I still only have ODDs on it?

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Feb 1, at 8: At one time, I had a list of around 8 different drivers to install latest oficial, plus two recent ones directly from JMicron’s website – one of them downloaded only a few hours ago I had to return the controller to IDE configuration and manually install the “Standard Dual Channel IDE Controller” to get it working again I just found out, you already solved a very similar problem here https: For some reason, the forum doesn’t inform me about answers to all the threads I’ve subscribed xhci figure Fri Nov 13, 9: No, there is still a limitation.


All you get then is the same standard mumbo jumbo: Do you already have an account? Sat Jul 18, 1: The “I’ll let you know how it went after burning something, ok?

If so, I can test it right away Sorry I can’t help you any further Miguel, but I think you assu see that I have already travelled your road before, one travel I no longer wish to partake PS: Anybody got any ideas on this one.