The plaintiffs allege that it covered up the issues for 8 months. A recent Security Flaw in Google services such as Gmail and Blogger has been fixed by Google after first being identified and published by a young blogger. This is because Crysis will be one of the first games to take advantage of DirectX 10, the graphical framework which will be a major reason for PC gamers to upgrade to Vista. Only played Oblivion n Armed Assualt so far, but seems faultless. Microsoft has released a Security Patch which fixes a vulnerability in Excel Today, ATI is launching several new video cards with a complete refresh of its product lineup. Performance-wise it seems at least as fast and responsive as XP, even with all the eye candy.

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AirStrike 2 – 2. I need to explain that unfortunately for the next few weeks, maybe even months, the entire Internet is going to be flooded with Vista stories of all kinds. Apologies for the confusion on the Civilization IV patches – they were for Mac only so I’ve removed them. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

ASUS EN8800GTS GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB review

These drivers are only compatible with the final version of Vista Build and above. Options Quote message in reply? Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

It’s worth bookmarking, but note that the real Service Pack 1 for Vista is slated for release around June Windows Marketplace will offer online purchase of Vista via direct download. Been running them for a forcewar or so, now.


Don’t take all this to mean that you should rush out and buy it when it comes out though; I’m fairly sure that it will take at least another couple of months for some basic compatibility and driver issues to be resolved. Nvidia recently released Version 5.

Some online retailers are releasing consumer versions of Windows Vista earlier than January 30the official release date.

Deathmatch – Update via Steam. OpenOffice Security Patch 6 January A security patch has been released for the free OpenOffice productivity suite, due to a major security flaw. Hammers of Fate – 2. Today, we’re forcweare the spotlight at PowerColor, as it has managed to passively cool a X Pro Apple has released a Security Patch for a vulnerability discovered in QuickTime 7. Today, ATI is launching several new video cards with a complete refresh of its product lineup.

Microsoft Security Updates 10 January Microsoft has released its monthly set of security updates which you can get through Windows Update, or by viewing and downloading them from here.

An angry Nvidia shareholder has filed a class action suit against the company.

ForceWare WHQL (x86) GTS|GTX download from

The security flaw is more serious than first though, so I again urge users to upgrade to Adobe Reader 8, use Foxit Reader, or wait for Adobe to release patches for earlier versions. AMD launches HDseries. The trial version will be available shortly for everyone to download.


ATI has released the Catalyst 7. This article points out that when you use an Upgrade Edition of Vista over a previous version of Windows, you lose the license for that Windows version.

Meanwhile I’ll do my best to filter out the hype and report the genuinely important Vista news and facts here. Read on to find out how they got on I don’t usually report leaked or modded driver releases, as I don’t recommend their usage in general.

The release notes are a bit confusing, as they mention support for GeForce 6 and 7 series cards, but the driver itself appears designed forcewafe as a beta for series cards.

The much-anticipated Unreal Tournament has been renamed to Unreal Tournament 3and is 97.92 out in the second half of Remember that the last time there was a new consumer version of Windows was back in October when XP was released, so Vista’s release definitely rates highly on the hype-o-meter. Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank – 3. Faces of War – 1. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. Nvidia have released a new official